Hands IK

Инверсивная кинематика рук
To configure the inverse kinematics for hands, we need the Hands IK component :
Unlike Foot KI, we do not need to edit the animation, here we will use directly the transform to which we will tie our hands.
Each hand is configured separately, but the settings are identical, so we will consider them once.
The position of tying the hand.
The weight of the hand.
Weight - how much we will redefine the position, relative to the animation.
The higher this value is, the stronger we bind the position of the bone to some other position.


We can create an animation of handcuffs, for this it is enough to transfer one position to both hands.
It turns out that we do not need to create completely new animations, but simply change the positions of some bones in the animation, and this is what inverted kinematics helps us with.