Aurora FPS Engine

Сonfigure Gun

If you want to create a firearm, then you need to perform several types of settings.
It is necessary to configure the animation of weapons, when moving, shooting, and so on.
To configure the animation, check out: Animation System​
You need to choose how the shooting will take place, whether it is shots from a machine gun or from a shotgun.
You also need to choose the type of bullets, they can be physical and subject to all physical forces, such as gravity, or choose a system of shooting through beams when the bullet is not subject to physical forces and the bullet reaches the target instantly.
To select and configure the shooting system, read: Shooting System​
You need to choose a way to recharge. There are two ways to recharge realistic and standard.
In the first case, we will throw the remaining cartridge in the magazine, while in the second case, we will simply put the remaining cartridge in stock.
To configure the recharge system, read: Reload System​